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Broadcast 23-02-2020

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Morin khuur Ensemble to stage 25th anniversary concert

Oyundelger 2017-10-20 06:10

Performances of best musical pieces from Ensemble’s repertoire from past five years, featuring folk, classic and pop artists will be played.

The State Morin Khuur Ensemble will stage a grand concert in celebration of its 25th anniversary at the Central Cultural Palace in Mongolia. Since its foundation in 1992, the State Morin Khuur Ensemble of Mongolia made weighing contributions to the promotion of Morin Khuur, or horse head fiddle which is a traditional musical instrument and a priceless cultural heritage, within and beyond Mongolia. “We aim to demonstrate the level of professionalism of horse head fiddle players at this concert and what matters the most is how a musical piece is delivered, rather than which piece it is,” said Z. Khosbayar, Head of Composition of the Ensemble. The Ensemble has released several new works upon the anniversary, which will be performed at the Anniversary Concert. Directed by composer N. Jantsannorov, State Prize Laureate and People’s Artist, the concert will play performances of the best musical pieces from the Ensemble’s repertoire from the past five years, featuring folk, classic and pop artists.

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