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Broadcast 18-04-2024

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Mongolia plans coal rail link to China by 2021

Oyundelger 2018-11-12 08:11

Mongolia aims to complete a railway from its Tavan Tolgoi coal project to the Chinese border by 2021.

The rail link from Tavan Tolgoi would have the capacity to deliver 30 million tonnes of coal a year to China, said Samdandovj Ashidmunkh, chief investment officer of the state firm running the project. The link will be completed within two years of an overseas initial public offering of stock in Tavan Tolgoi scheduled for the first quarter of 2019, Ashidmunkh, of Erdenes-Tavan Tolgoi, said on the sidelines of a forum in Shanghai on China-Mongolia cooperation in mining. Mongolia expects demand for high quality coking coal from China’s steel sector to increase, but many analysts in China believe steel production is nearing its peak and could start to fall. Tavan Tolgoi is the world’s largest undeveloped coking coal mine with 7.4 billion tons of estimated reserves.

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