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Broadcast 10-07-2020

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Solution for Ulaanbaatar air pollution was discussed

Densmaa 2020-05-29 07:05

Online conference “Ensuring the involvement of multilateral parties in insulating houses in ger areas to reduce air pollution” organized.

Organized by the Switch Off Air Pollution project funded by the European Union, Abbe Pierre Foundation, Czech and French Development Agencies, the online conference aimed to increase cooperation between ongoing projects and programs that has a purpose to reduce air pollution in Ulaanbaatar and to identify research-based solutions.

Director of Foreign Affairs of the Green Climate Fund, Dr. Oyun.S gave opening remarks for the online conference, which had presentations themed “Awareness of public on heat loss in detached houses and air pollution”, “Key issues facing MSMEs in the construction sector and their access to the market” and “Results of a study on the current state of housing market”.

‘The Project intermediation and development of an energy efficiency housing market in the ger area will contribute to the initiatives working to decrease Ulaanbaatar pollution, creating new green jobs in the ger area, knowledge in energy efficiency, while also aiming to support the most vulnerable. This Baseline studies sharing event is a great opportunity to connect all actors working to fight against air pollution, to improve the livelihood of ger area dweller.’ Emphasized Geres Mongolia Country Director and SOAP coordinator, Mrs. Beatriz Maroto Izquierdo during the online meeting.

Expected results from the online conference were:
1. Identify the importance of cross-sectoral cooperation in reducing air pollution by addressing issues identified in the baseline study; 

  1. Identify how project activities can be integrated with other similar projects and programs;
  2. Key stakeholders will work with the Dulaan Shiidel project to develop and determine the optimal technical solution;
  3. Identify ways for target households to participate in the Green Loan;

The project is implemented by Geres Mongolia NGO with People in Need INGO, Mongolian National Construction Association, Building Energy Efficiency Center, and GCMC.

Set up in 1976, Geres is a French energy efficiency expert NGO working in Europe, Africa and Asia to improve living conditions of the most vulnerable and fighting against climate change and its impacts.

Please find the full version of the online conference from the following link:     

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