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Broadcast 20-09-2020

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Mongolia in the third in the world with its liver transplant treatment

Densmaa 2020-08-25 01:08

Mongolia in the third in the world with its liver transplant treatment

The 100th liver transplant surgery has been performed successfully by a team of the Organ Transplant Center of the State Central First Hospital and a ceremony for glorifying the team as recording in an honorary book of the hospital took place last Friday, August 21 at the hospital. Since the introduction of liver transplant surgery, the youngest person, who has received the surgery, was a 20-month-old baby while the eldest patient was a person aged 62. During the event, leader of the liver transplant team at the State Central First Hospital, doctor (Sc.D), professor, Honored Medical Doctor O.Sergelen remarked that Mongolia has striven for introducing treatment methodology of liver transplant surgery and satisfying international standards and the country is placed the third in the world with its liver transplant treatment today. We have introduced and naturalized all technologies being used in liver transplant surgery in developed countries. “With the introduction of liver transplant surgery in the home country, MNT 23 billion has been saved in the state budget,” Ms. O.Sergelen said. More specifically, since the introduction of the surgery, MNT 65 million is allocated from the state budget for liver transplant treatment and MNT 20 million from Insurance for High-Cost Medical Equipment. And MNT 7-10 million is paid by the patient and the money has played a pivotal role in the development of liver transplant surgery. The first liver transplant surgery from a live donor was successfully performed in Mongolia on September 24, 2011, in collaboration with physicians from ASAN Medical Center of the Republic of Korea and Mongolia has become the 46th country that has introduced liver transplant surgery.

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