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Broadcast 05,06-03-2021

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“Green technology-2020” to take place on October 2-3

Densmaa 2020-09-30 12:09

“Green Technology-2020’ event is to be held on October 2-3 with aims of promoting eco-friendly technologies, innovative solutions and products and introducing scientific achievements in business.

Green technologies on efficient energy use, insulation materials for ger and houses, renewable energy, water recycling and re-use, eco sanitary facilities, waste recycling technologies and energy saving will be introduced to entrepreneurs, investors and public at the event.


The event will also provide citizens with information on “Green Loan” being jointly realized by Khas Bank, Khan Bank and the State Bank alongside connecting the stakeholders to develop cooperation and partnership.


Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Sarangerel will attend the event to be jointly held by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, UNICEF and Global Green Growth Institute to present “Green Certificate” to business entities that led others with their social responsibility and environmental leadership, changing their attitude and making contribution for saving the mother earth. Furthermore, professionals of the sector will give presentations under the topic “Green technology” and share views on further actions.

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