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Broadcast 22-04-2021

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Bilateral cooperation in agricultural sector discussed

Densmaa 2021-02-24 12:02

Bilateral cooperation in agricultural sector discussed

During the meeting with Dr. Pakdemerli, Minister of Agriculture of Turkey, Mongolian Ambassador Bold Ravdan stressed the importance of promptıng the 2018 MOU in the field of agriculture into action with mutual efforts, hence agreed to work towards establishing an inter-ministerial working group. 

Further, they agreed to hold a video conference between the respective Veterinary Agencies to discuss the details and requirements of sanitary and quarantine protocol in order to seek the potentials of exporting animal products such as meat, leather, and intestines to Turkey.

Ambassador also expressed interest in cooperating with Turkey on projects such as animal health, production of vaccines,s, and transfer of greenhouse technology. Turkish side indicated to support Mongolia’s bid to obtain “Freedom of the Western Zone from FMD, where vaccination is not practiced” status from the OIE Assembly to be held in May.

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