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Broadcast 23-06-2024

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French Embassy in Mongolia Supports Innovative Action to Develop High-Quality Local Meat Value Chain

Densmaa 2024-05-02 04:05

The WIFI project, "Cities connected to the steppes thanks to a sustainable, high-quality and remunerative meat industry in Mongolia"

The WIFI project, "Cities connected to the steppes thanks to a sustainable, high-quality and remunerative meat industry in Mongolia", financed to the tune of EUR 800 thousand by the Team France Fund of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, carried by the French Embassy in Mongolia and implemented by the NGO (AVSF), has been officially launched. During their State Visits in 2023, Khurelsukh Ukhnaa, President of Mongolia, and Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, affirmed their desire to intensify cooperation between the two countries in the agricultural sector, particularly in livestock breeding, agricultural diversification, food safety, and veterinary medicine. The French Embassy in Mongolia, in partnership with AVSF, an NGO established in Mongolia in 2004, is proposing to lead an innovative action to explore the potential of the meat value chain in four soums in Bayankhongor aimag. At the heart of the project is the guiding principle of creating economic value to engage farmers in a virtuous circle to ensure traceability and sanitary quality of meat, as well as sustainable management of livestock and pastures. Alignment with the "New Cooperative - Wealthy Herder" program announced by the Government of Mongolia on April 10, 2024, is also assured, as four herders' cooperatives will be supported in accessing a remunerative market for their sustainable meat products, through a commercial partnership with industries and local slaughterhouses. N. Batsuuri, President of the Mongolian Meat Association, underlined the opportunity presented by the project to demonstrate the ability of nomadic herders to participate in a certified meat chain that is traceable and safe for human health. April 2026: this is the date set by the project's leaders, in partnership with local authorities and international and civil society organizations, to identify and disseminate the levers to be used to contribute to the strengthening of Mongolia's food sovereignty through pastoral livestock farming.

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