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Broadcast 22-04-2021

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Mongolian lamb to be new brand.

Densmaa 2021-03-05 01:03

“Mongolian lamb grill” fast food restaurant was opened at “Saruul” trade center on March 3.

Generally, Mongolians do not use very young animals for their consumption, but this new service is being introduced within a “Mongolian eco lamb” project that aims to improve the processing of Mongolian livestock meat, provide the population with nutritious, eco food, and make export. Specifically, the “Mongolian eco lamb” project is a sub-project being realized within the “Rich Herder” project.


"Putting young livestock into economic circulation gives various benefits including profiting herders, creating new consumption and  Mongolian lamb meat brand and exporting quality meat. By gaining profit, herders’ livelihood will be raised," coordinator of “Rich Herder” project L.Odser said. Numerous works are being carried out in the scope of the project beginning from breeding selection to involving herders in business training and making market research on meat processing and new meat products.


Product development of the “Mongolian eco lamb” project is now underway and the project team has received orders from consumers to introduce the product in foreign and domestic market networks under franchising, noted 'Mongolian eco lamb' project coordinator B.Soyoltuya.  

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