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Broadcast 17,18-05-2024

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Women in minerals and mining sector convene virtually

Densmaa 2021-03-18 01:03

Initiated by the Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry, “Minerals-Women” national forum was held for the third year on March 16.

Women working in the minerals and mining sector gathered virtually, exchanging information on accountable mining, sustainable development, and gender issues.


At the virtual forum, nine speakers delivered presentations including “Experience, achievement, and lessons by Responsible Mining Lobby Group in the Parliament” by former Member of Parliament, Dr. A.Undraa, “Creating equality in a changing world” by T.Chimegsanaa senior specialist at the Heavy Industry Policy Department and “The best experience of Erdenet Mining” by D.Uuriintuya, Deputy in charge of finance and economics of Erdenet Mining state-owned enterprise.  


Furthermore, inter-sectorial discussions were held under topics “Accountable Mining”, “Women’s leadership” and “Good corporate governance-social impact”.


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