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Broadcast 22-04-2021

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Deputy Speaker meets Cuban Ambassador

Densmaa 2021-04-02 01:04

Deputy Speaker S.Odontuya received Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Mongolia Raúl Delgado Concepcion on March 31.

Last year, Mongolia and the Republic of Cuba marked their 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations. At the meeting, the two sides noted the successfully developing relations and cooperation.

Ambassador Raúl Delgado Concepcion affirmed an invitation for Speaker G. Zandanshatar and Deputy Speaker S. Odontuya to visit Cuba as soon as the pandemic subdues. He also provided detailed information on Cuba's present political, social and international situations, as well as its responses to the pandemic.

Moreover, the two sides also exchanged views on tourism, people-to-people relations, women leadership, and the health sector.

Mentioning the high prevalence of diabetes in Mongolia, the Deputy Speaker queried about how a process of importing a biotechnological product ‘HeberProt-P,’ developed by Cuban scientists to Mongolia, is now going.  

Ambassador Raúl Delgado Concepcion said he was pleased to inform the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health this week. The sides concurred to cooperate by paying attention to its availability and including it in the list of discounted drugs under the health insurance.

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