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Broadcast 14-08-2022

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New Mongol Group to invest in the CGK project of Mongolian Digital Exchange Institute

Densmaa 2022-06-30 08:06

“Shine Mongol Group” or “New Mongol Group” LLC will invest 50 million US dollars to the “CGK project” by Mongolian Digital Exchange Institute or MDE.

“Shine Mongol Group” or “New Mongol Group” LLC will invest 50 million US dollars to the “CGK project” by Mongolian Digital Exchange Institute or MDE. The CGK project enables in-depth cooperation in the ecological landing sector including gas station, gold mine, real estate, roads, tourism, construction, food, etc. The “New Mongol Group” is an international large-scale consortium based in Mongolia. It has been successfully operating in many fields including mining, construction, real estate, roads and tourism, and production of building materials. The “New Mongol Group” has a mission to promote Mongolia's economy and social development that can reach world standards. The successful foundation of New Mongol Group is that it has a talented and energetic team, and their perseverance mobilizes wisdom and strength which lead work together for Mongolia’s development. In further, “New Mongol Group” aims to expand and develop its business activity in international market, and to become a world-leading company, representing Mongolia. Under the leadership of Thomas, the executive president of the Mongolian Digital Exchange Institute, it has a large talented team to solve the new financial technology and solve real supply chain problem for the economy. Because finance supply chain had big problems, such as many participation links, long chains, high correlation, and difficulty in identifying transaction scenarios, how to solve financial institutions' identification of authenticity risks is the core of solving supply chain finance problem. As a new type of technology combination, block chain integrates new technologies such as P2P networks, consensus algorithms, asymmetric encryption, and smart contracts. Transparent and credible rules to build a traceable block chain data structure with typical characteristics of distributed peer-to-peer, chained data blocks, anti-forgery and tamper-proof, traceability, transparency, trustworthiness and high reliability, such as this question, it has unique advantages and characteristics in supply chain finance scenarios. Furthermore, “New Mongol Group” and “Mongolian Digital Exchange Institute” are expects to collaborate for Mongolia’s vision on the global block chain new consensus economic empowerment.

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