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Broadcast 20-03-2023

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Mongolian first figure skating show holds

Densmaa 2023-02-03 03:02

The show “Grass Land on Ice 2023” was successfully held in Ulaanbaatar at the end of last month.

The show “Grass Land on Ice 2023” was successfully held in Ulaanbaatar at the end of last month. “Grass Land on Ice 2023” initiated by the Mongolian Skating Association was jointly organized with the Japan Skating Federation, with an aim to promote figure skating to the younger generation of Mongolia. The composition of “Grass Land on Ice 2023” was an interesting show. Namely, it was like telling a story to children. The story plot consists of a survival journey of an injured white-napped crane that came from the land of the rising sun in spring, couldn`t go back to the homeland when autumn started, then stayed in Grass Land. However, the children of the steppe helped the bird heal its wings. The next year, the white-napped crane returned overseas, missing its warm country. Moreover, the State Honored Artists, opera singer, band “Bugan”, singer of the band “Niciton”, and talented young singers participated in the show and demonstrated their talent from the Mongolian part. Art organizations that brought such a wonderful performance combining two countries' cultures to real life are the National Academic Opera Theatre, and the State Opera and Ballet Academic Theatre. Additionally, MIAT Mongolian Airlines and the Ministry of Culture took part as a sponsor in the show held in the Steppe Arena of Ulaanbaatar whereas the Embassy of Japan in Mongolia participated as a supporter. It was the last event organized in connection with the 50th Anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Japan.

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