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Broadcast 08,09-12-2023

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Mongolian film industry developing

Densmaa 2023-03-31 12:03

Historically, Mongolian cinema has a really big history.

Historically, Mongolian cinema has a really big history. Before the 1990s, there was the Mongolian Film Factory and that’s why the government was supporting all the films. After 1990, there was no funding from the government and so all the filmmakers had to go independent. Mongolia has a film-supporting law, which was effective in 2021. In this law, there is an incentive program and a film fund. Furthermore, the country established the Mongolian National Film Council in order to support all Mongolian filmmakers. There are more than 30 feature movies released in Mongolia every year and the industry is growing a lot. Currently, Mongolian filmmakers went to Cannes, Venice, Busan, and Berlin. In September of last year, the Council organized the fame tour, inviting some major production heads and managers such as Warner Bros, Netflix, Paramount, HBO, Discovery, etc. The incentive program of Mongolia is attracting the attention of productions. Interestingly, there are about 2 hundred cinemas in the whole country, of which about 50 are in the capital Ulaanbaatar city.  

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