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Broadcast 27-02-2024

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Developing Tourism Industry Based on Scientific Research takes place

Densmaa 2023-12-01 05:12

Researchers and representatives of professional organizations met on November 30, 2023,

Researchers and representatives of professional organizations met on November 30, 2023, to discuss research on more than 30 topics at the scientific conference "Tourism Research 2023". The researchers emphasized the importance of the decisions based on scientific evidence to promote Mongolia properly at the international level. They noted that the effects of the Mongolian Government's policy to develop tourism as one of the priority sectors would be obvious starting in 2024. The Mongolia Tourism Association (MTA) was established to join the efforts of researchers and professionals of state and private organizations to conduct science-based research and bring the Mongolian tourism industry to the international level. The MTA, which implements some functions of state organizations, works to ensure the participation of state and private organizations, researchers, and NGOs and improve coordination as well as submit conclusions and proposals to the Government. As part of the revitalization of the tourism sector, based on research conducted by the Mongolian Tourism Education and Development Association actions have been taken to strengthen human resources and attract qualified personnel to the tourism industry. The researchers noted that the activities for including tourism in the list of the most in-demand jobs, granting scholarships of the Minister of Environment and Tourism of Mongolia to outstanding students, and providing paid internships for graduate students have been giving results. The conference was organized with the goal of "Tourism industry development based on scientific research". More than 200 researchers, industry representatives, and students attended the conference.

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