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Broadcast 27-02-2024

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Conserving the Gene Pool of Two-Humped Mongolian Camel

Densmaa 2024-01-25 03:01

Chairman of the State Great Khural or parliament of Mongolia attended the National Forum “Mongolian Culture of Camel”

Chairman of the State Great Khural or parliament of Mongolia attended the National Forum “Mongolian Culture of Camel” which aims at increasing the population of two-humped camels.   The National Forum which began on January 22nd, holds pivotal importance in supporting Mongolian camel breeding. It facilitates the exchange of experiences among camel herders, and introducing and promoting techniques and tools used in camel husbandry. The Forum also plays a vital role in the advancement of both domestic and international tourism, featuring a trade fair that showcases products derived from camels. According to the preliminary result of the annual livestock census, Mongolia has around 474 thousand camels, an increase of 3.4 thousand compared to the previous year. Two-humped Mongolian camels and the culture associated with camel breeding are a source of pride for the country. The wool, meat, and milk from this critically endangered species, are valuable raw materials and a source for Mongolia's prominent brands to compete globally. Mongolian camels are recognized for their calm and adaptable demeanor, making them well-suited for long journeys, carrying heavy loads, and enduring harsh conditions. They are easily trained for riding and thrive in the Mongol Gobi climate. Preserving and breeding the two-humped Mongolian camel represents a significant responsibility for humanity, and the government is committed to continuing its efforts in conservation and breeding. The National Forum "Mongolian Culture of Camel" holds great importance in achieving the mentioned objectives successfully. It promotes the sharing of experiences among camel herders, acknowledges their valuable contributions, prepares the next generation of herders, and attracts both domestic and foreign tourists.

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