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Broadcast 23-06-2024

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Mongolia and India expand relations in medical sector

Densmaa 2024-06-05 05:06

Marengo Asia Hospitals has announced its multi-level international partnership with three hospitals in Mongolia.

Marengo Asia Hospitals has announced its multi-level international partnership with three hospitals in Mongolia. This is a milestone as Marengo Asia Hospitals will be the very first healthcare provider to collaborate with the Ministry of Health, Government of Mongolia, where the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed with the Central Health Department, the Ministry of Health, the Central Military Hospital, and the First Affiliated Hospital, the three major healthcare institutes in Mongolia. Under the MoU, 200 medical professionals and upskilling doctors, nurses, and paramedic staff members in Mongolia will be trained. This is a strategic development aimed at enhancing healthcare services and promoting international collaboration. This endeavor brings together India and Mongolia to utilise the resources and talent to address the growing healthcare demands of the modern world. The key focus of the partnership will be on capacity building, and skills enhancement within the healthcare force. Training programmes, knowledge sharing, and professional development opportunities will be offered to medical professionals from Mongolia at Marengo Asia Hospitals. The doctors from Marengo Asia Hospitals will also visit Mongolia for OPDs and to operate on patients. The key specialties in the first phase to focus on will be Cardiac Sciences, Oncology, Neuroscience, Liver diseases, and Urology. The next level planned is conducting surgical master classes in the biggest government hospitals in Mongolia. The practice of clinical corridors and telemedicine will also be developed further for patients from Mongolia to connect with doctors for consultations. In recent years, India has emerged as a major hub for medical tourism and is now considered amongst the top 3 medical value travel destinations in the world. Data indicates that more than 400 patients from Mongolia visited India for various kinds of medical treatment in the year 2023, while in 2024 the number has risen to more than 100 in the period from January to April alone.

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