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Broadcast 05,06-03-2021

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Regionally diversified tourism to be developed

Densmaa 2020-09-30 12:09

On the occasion of the World Tourism Day, commemorated each year on September 27, a consultation of professional organizations on reviving tourism industry in Mongolia was held.

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism will pursue a policy to develop regionally diversified tourism based on features of rural areas in the coming four years. It is planned, for example, to develop Khuvsgul aimag as the main nature tourism region and Khentii aimag as a historical tourism center. "Furthermore, feasibility studies are under development to make western aimags adventure or nature-based tourism region and a stronghold for intangible cultural tourism as well as to develop cognitive tourism based on paleontological finds in the Gobi region,” said S.Bayasgalan, Head of Tourism Policy and Coordination Department of the Ministry.


The establishment of the Tourism Services Bureau in 1954, is considered the start of tourism development in Mongolia. Khuvsgul, Kharkhorin, Terelj, and Gobi areas were the main travel destinations of Mongolia in the time of socialism. And the tourism routes have remained the same in 60 years since that time. There are huge possibilities to boost tourism in western and eastern regions once we develop infrastructure well and diversified tourism products and services should be developed, the attendees stressed during the consultation.


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