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Broadcast 15-07-2024

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Mongolians living abroad voted for election

Densmaa 2024-06-24 04:06

Citizens of Mongolia who are living abroad cast their ballots on June 20-23, 2024.

About 4,000 out of 7,000 citizens living abroad voted in the 2021 presidential election. Currently, there is an unofficial number of about 200,000 Mongolians living abroad. 2024 Parliamentary elections of Mongolia are scheduled to be held on 28 June or this Friday to determine the composition of the State Great Khural. As this parliamentary election will be held in a mixed system, voters will fill out two ballot papers. From the first ballot, the names of the candidates running for the constituency will be circled according to the number of seats in the constituency. On the second ballot, there is a list of parties and coalitions registered with the Supreme Court and registered with the GEC. Voters living abroad will only fill in the second ballot. In this way, they will select candidates who can become members of Parliament from the list. Because the second ballot will count Mongolia as one constituency.


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