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Broadcast 2018-12-11

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Mongolian conductor conducts national symphony orchestra of Cuba

Oyundelger 2018-03-02 02:03

Mongolian conductor Lkhagvasuren.B conducted the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba at the National Theatre of Havana last Sunday.

The concert initiated and organized by the Embassy of Mongolia in Havana, Cuba was attended by approximately 600 people. During the concert, the world classic works and pieces of Mongolian renowned composers were played. Especially, performances including works by Beethoven and Antonin Dvorak, Ulemjiin Chanar by State Honored Laureate and State Honored Cultural Figure Sharav.B, and Treasure Mountain and Salhich Shuvuu or Storm-petrel by Mongolian famous composer Khangal.Z got a big round of applause.


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