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Broadcast 05,06-06-2020

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Ambassador of South Korea pledges to help evacuation of Mongolian nationals

Densmaa 2020-03-13 10:03

Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs received Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Mongolia to introduce measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

At the meeting, Secretary informed that due to the current suspension of all flights to and from Mongolia, the government is working to arrange charter flights to South Korea and some other locations to bring back Mongolian nationals abroad who have reasonable excuses or whose short-term visa is about to expire, upon the State Emergency Commission decision of March 10. Secretary of State Davaansuren asked support from the Republic of Korea for having the Mongolian nationals to be evacuated tested for coronavirus as demanded by the State Emergency Commission and Ministry of Health of Mongolia. He then put forward a request for cooperation on settling the issues faced by some Mongolian students in South Korea, who may be required student permit renewal. While praising the prompt measures and efforts being made by the government of Mongolia to contain the coronavirus outbreak, Ambassador Lee Yeo-hong informed that the State Secretary’s requests were urgently conveyed to relevant government organizations of the Republic of Korea, including Foreign Affairs and Health Ministries. The Ambassador also explained that it may be difficult to organize preliminary testing for Covid-19 for Mongolian nationals returning home unless they show any symptoms in accordance with the existing guideline in South Korea. However, Ambassador Lee Yeo-hong pledged to give assistance on having them fill out a questionnaire on their health conditions, checking their fever and implementing other steps required upon boarding the charter plane. In conclusion, the Ambassador said that he is working to resolve the Mongolian students’ problem regarding student visa expiration on the basis of equality. 

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