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Broadcast 03,04-06-2020

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China to provide 500,000 masks and 3,000 coronavirus test kits

Densmaa 2020-03-30 03:03

On March 27, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia D.Davaasuren received Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Mongolia Chai Wenru.

At the meeting, the Chinese Ambassador introduced that the first part of the humanitarian assistance from China, which includes 500,000 protective face masks and 3,000 rapid testing kits, to help Mongolia prevent from the COVID-19 pandemic, is ready to be handed over. Ambassador Chai Wenru is planning to present the assistance package by the Government of China to the State Emergency Commission on March 28.  Moreover, the preparations are underway for the second part of the assistance, noted by the Ambassador. The sides also exchanged views on issues concerning the bilateral relations and cooperation between Mongolia and China during the meeting. 


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