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Broadcast 03,04-06-2020

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Educational training centers to reopen.

Densmaa 2020-05-06 11:05

At its meeting on May 4, the State Emergency Commission (SEC) decided to reopen training centers that offer short-term educational courses gradually, step by step.

This decision necessitates amendments to the Cabinet’s resolution No. 139 on the measures to be taken on education to prevent Covid-19 infections. In other words, the State Emergency Commission’s resolution will come into effect when the Cabinet removes the training centers from the list of educational institutions to be closed until September 1, 2020. Mongolia has a total of 1,088 licensed training centers, including 414 vocational training centers, 255 language schools, and 419 driving schools. The training centers are ordered by the State Emergency Commission and the Ministry of Health

  • to check the temperatures of students, 
  • enforce mandatory use of face mask to everyone, 
  • provide their courses online whenever possible, place the desks 1 to 1.5 meters apart,
  • have not more than 10 people in one training session, 
  • hold short-term training sessions, 
  • make alcohol-based hand sanitizers available for use in classrooms, 
  • allow fresh outside air circulation in the classrooms every two hours, 
  • prevent students from sharing personal items with each other and from hanging their outerwear inside the classroom, or eating inside the classroom, 
  • disinfect hard surfaces and objects such as chairs, desks, blackboards, and bookshelves every two hours, and 
  • hang up posters with COVID-19 prevention guidelines in places visible to the people. 

Education training centers that meet these requirements will be allowed to get back to business.

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