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Broadcast 27,28-11-2020

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Foreign Minister meets WHO Representative in Mongolia

Densmaa 2020-05-13 02:05

Minister of Foreign Affairs D.Tsogtbaatar met with World Health Organization (WHO) Sergey Diorditsa, May 12.

Expressing his gratitude to the WHO for its continued support in preventing and combating the COVID-19 pandemic, Foreign Affairs Minister D.Tsogtbaatar said that the government was exploring the possibility of shortening the mandatory isolation period and introducing a mobile quarantine regime to help citizens overcome the economic hardships caused by COVID-19. WHO Representative in Mongolia S.Diorditsa praised the measures taken by the Government of Mongolia to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and said that he would continue to work with relevant local organizations in this field. He also expressed his readiness to support and cooperate with Mongolia’s proposals to improve regional cooperation and increase the role of the WHO in the fight against global spread pandemic.

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