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Broadcast 28.11.2022

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O.Ulziikhishigjargal wins 3rd place at “Djerba” Women’s Open Chess Tournament

Densmaa 2020-06-17 01:06

International Master of Sports (IM) O.Ulziikhishigjargal has won the third place in global zone at “Djerba” Women’s Online Open Chess Tournament that took place on June 14.

Mongolian female chess players including Grand Master V.Munguntuul, IM T.Munkhzul, and O.Ulziikhishigjargal, Masters of Chess D.Munkhzul, N.Enkhbolor, B.Udval, D.Unurzul, Kh. Yesugen and M.Pagamdulam challenged their mind in the online open tournament which has a goal to promote chess among women in the Arab world and in Africa. The tournament has a total prize pool of USD 2000 and attendees play in 3 min time control, 17 rounds under the Swiss system. The “Djerba” women’s online open tournament was held in three zones namely the global, African zone, and Arab zone. Grandmaster of Azerbaijan Zeinab Mamedjarova has become the winner of the global zone while chess players of Egypt Alaa Elgamal led in the African zone and Grand Master of Egypt Shahenda Wafa took the first place in Arab zone respectively, the Mongolian Chess Federation reports.

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