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Broadcast 10-08-2020

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Mongolian Parliament appoints G.Zandanshatar as Speaker

Densmaa 2020-07-01 04:07

The inaugural session of Mongolia’s new parliament formed by the 2020 parliamentary election was held today, June 30.

As stated in the Law on Parliament, political parties and coalitions that assumed 39 or more seats in the parliament shall nominate the Speaker of the Parliament, the Mongolian People’s Party, which has gained 62 seats in the country’s 8th parliament, nominated Zandanshatar Gombojav as Speaker of this parliament. He was serving as the Speaker of the 7th parliament of the country. Lawmakers present at today's session voted unanimously by raising their hands for G.Zandanshatar to become the Speaker of the parliament. The new parliament has just concluded the plenary session, which will resume tomorrow. 


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