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Broadcast 20-09-2020

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'Ulaanbaatar Partnership-2020' autumn trade fair approaching

Densmaa 2020-08-18 04:08

The annual 'Ulaanbaatar Partnership-2020' international autumn trade fair is to be held on September 24-27 at Misheel Expo Center.

Co-organized by the Governor’s Office of the Capital City and Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the trade fair will be held in compliance with the Government's decision to announce 2020 as 'Year to Increase Export'. The purpose of the fair is to promote national production, service, and brand products to the public, introduce international standard import products into the Mongolian market, expand its market, stimulate export, create favorable conditions for partnership and encourage business entrepreneurs. This year’s trade fair will run with various events, including of building and construction materials, small equipment and tools, mining supply, information technology, medical and health products, banking, financing, and business consulting service, wool and cashmere and skin and leather goods, food products and new technology and innovation. Online registration for foreign and domestic companies to participate in the trade fair will be closed on September 20.

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