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Broadcast 20-09-2020

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“E-Mongolia” unified digital platform is under development

Densmaa 2020-08-28 03:08

The Telecommunications and Information Technology Authority of Mongolia held a virtual meeting with delegates from E-Governance Academy of Estonia and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

Mongolia is realizing a number of projects at stages in aims of delivering state service without bureaucracy, accessible, transparent, and easy. And “E-Mongolia” platform is under development to ensure their coherence and provide citizens with online state services. Mongolia has selected the e-governance of Estonia as a model and intends to define the current state of digital development in Mongolia in collaboration with Estonia's E-Governance Academy and to develop the most suitable design for Mongolia. About it, Head of the Standing Committee on Innovation and Online Policy, MP N.Uchral said “Further, we will deliver state service to our citizens with the help of “E-Mongolia” unified online platform. 106 services out of a total of 181 governmental services planned to be delivered online to the citizens have been transferred into the online platforms so far. And E-Mongolia online platform is under development based on a model of Estonia’s digital transformation from within the framework of cooperation with the Government of Estonia. The Government of Mongolia has created “Khur” and “Dan” state service systems in the past. It means that these systems will be transferred into the “E-Mongolia” unified platform, which will enable citizens to be provided with transparent, accountable, fast state service without bureaucracy. We expect to open the official platform titled “E-Mongolia” in the mid of October 2020.” Estonia is well known for its advanced digital society in the world. As of current, 99 percent of Estonia’s state services have transferred into a digital platform. Every year, Estonians get 100-120 governmental services online and it saves time that equals 10 days of their life. While Ukraine is aiming to introduce Estonia’s practice and the country is working towards making its all-state services digitized at 100 percent by 2024.

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