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Broadcast 26-11-2020

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Book vending machines introduced

Densmaa 2020-09-08 11:09

A new book sales service has been introduced.

Specifically, Az Khur bookstore and Booklo online bookstore have installed book vending machines containing the latest bestsellers at several locations recently. Inside two vending machines at the Dragon bus terminal, for example, there are around 250 books of 25 kinds varying from world classics, language learning books to children’s books. According to Az Khur manager O.Munkhgerel, such machines have been installed at five locations namely, Tenger Plaza, Solo Mall, Encanto Mall, Dragon bus terminal, and Orgil shopping center in Yarmag and the bookstore is looking into the possibility of bringing the service to rural areas. "To encourage book reading of youth we are introducing this service. Newly released and best-sellers are placed in the vending machines and the books will be reloaded every 10 days' said Ms.Munkhgerel.  Incidentally, the vending machines accept card only and the vending machine books are to be sold at a 10 percent discount.

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