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Broadcast 23-09-2020

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Official visit of Chinese Foreign Minister begins

Densmaa 2020-09-17 12:09

At the invitation of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia N.Enkhtaivan, State Councilor of the Republic of China, Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi is paying an official visit to Mongolia

On the first day of the visit, Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia and China held official talks, during which the two sides exchanged views on strengthening the Mongolia-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to a new level, deepening the mutual understanding and political trust, and pushing cooperation in all spheres up to a new level as well as issues on regional and international affairs of mutual concerns, and reached a mutual understanding on a wide range of issues. Ministers Enkhtaivan and Wang Yi also discussed future high-level reciprocal visits and the main communication mechanism of bilateral cooperation. The sides agreed to carry on with the ongoing partnership in prevention from the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic while seeking ways to reinforce the progress achieved in the revival of economic cooperation and accelerate the implementation of large-scale bilateral development projects. It was also agreed that the two countries will continue working together for a greater increase in trade turnover, a gradual increase in mining exports, growth in the trading of agricultural and livestock products. The sides expressed their eagerness to boost cooperation in the areas of culture, education, and humanitarian. The Ministers of Mongolia and China noted their readiness to stimulate their efforts to promote further the concrete progress gained in the trilateral partnership of Mongolia-China-Russia. Within the framework of the visit, a diplomatic note on amendments to the intergovernmental agreement between Mongolia and China on Mongolia-China Border Ports and their regimes was exchanged, and bilateral cooperation documents were signed, namely, an intergovernmental agreement on economic and technical cooperation, 2021-2022 cooperation plan of the Mongolian and Chinese Ministries of Foreign Affairs and protocol on inspection and quarantine requirements for flour exports between Mongolia’s Professional Inspection Agency and China’s General Administration of Customs. Amendments to the agreement on Mongolia-China Border Ports will enable the opening of three railway border ports, Gashuusukhtait-Gantsmod, Shiveelhuren-Sekhee, and Bichigt-Zuunkhatavch in addition to the current Zamiin-Uud-Ereen railway border port, bringing impetus to the growth of exports and transit freight. The official visit continues today, September 16. As the visit is being held amid the ongoing heightened state of readiness in Mongolia enforced by the coronavirus pandemic, strict coronavirus regulations are being adhered to throughout the visit, involving the least possible number of people in the events. 

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