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Broadcast 15,16-01-2021

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Vegetable Production and Irrigated Agriculture project to be implemented in Uliastai soum

Densmaa 2020-10-06 03:10

The USD 46.2 million project ‘Vegetable Production and Irrigated Agriculture’ funded by the Asian Development Bank will be implemented in Uliastai soum of Zavkhan aimag.

The project targets to upgrade the irrigation system of Nogoon Khashaa in Jinst bag, increase local vegetable and fruit production, provide climate change-resistant vegetable seeds, establish a forest strip around the irrigated area, and build winter greenhouses and storehouses.


The Governor’s Office of Uliastai soum has been carrying out works in phases to support farmers by improving their equipment. The local authority also constructed a 4,117 m long irrigation system for open space areas in Jinst bag.

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