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Broadcast 07-03-2021

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Environment Minister meets Director of KfW Office Ulaanbaatar

Densmaa 2020-10-23 12:10

Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Sarangerel received Director of KfW Office in Ulaanbaatar Michael Sumser-Hellstern on October 21.

During the meeting, they exchanged information on the implementation and progress of ongoing technical and financial projects within the framework of cooperation, as well as issues to be considered in the future. Mr. Michael Sumser-Hellstern said, “Federal government has given grants to help the people of Mongolia protect and preserve their nature. Most recently, new modern apartments were built for the rangers of the Khustai Mountains. The challenge we have faced since the start of the project is the recurrent costs pledged by the Mongolian side. We hope these issues will be solved. Moreover, a new project is underway to improve the heat and energy storage of school and kindergarten buildings in ger districts to reduce air pollution in the capital city. The project worth of EUR 22 million will cooperate for providing 30- 40 ger district kindergartens with modern heating and insulation systems.” Minister D.Sarangerel said, “We are glad that you are aware of the budget deficit due to the COVID-19 pandemic and having a flexible approach. We will actively work to reflect the pledged investment in the next year’s budget. We acknowledge our responsibility for covering recurrent costs, such as repairs and oil of equipment and vehicles being granted by you, KfW, for the specially protected areas. Further, we will monitor the quality improvement and intensification of the activities of Mongolia’s specially protected areas' administrations where non-refundable assistance has been granted.”

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