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Broadcast 07-03-2021

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Equipment provided for saiga monitorin

Densmaa 2020-10-23 12:10

Equipment provided for saiga monitorin

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) provided MNT 16.2 million worth of equipment including cameras and spotting scopes to epidemiologists of the Veterinary Departments of Khovd and Gobi-Altai provinces, specialists and saiga rangers of the two provinces, rangers of World Wildlife Fund Khovd mission to enhance research and monitoring of the endangered Mongolian saiga antelope. Head of Veterinary Department of Khovd B.Munkhbaatar recently handed over the equipment to the rangers of the province's Mankhan, Chandmani, and Darvi soums and reviewed the results of research and monitoring works carried out in September. WCS is also funding monthly research of the endangered species between September and November. surveillance team. Every month between 19th to 22nd, a team of specialists visits habitats of Mongolian saigas, monitoring their distribution and population, pasture condition, and factors that may negatively affect the species’ health.

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