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Broadcast 18-01-2021

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Tomyo EdTech platform becomes winner of Seedstars Ulaanbaatar 2020/21

Densmaa 2020-11-05 11:11

Mongolian national competition for “Seedstars World Competition 2020/21” took place on October 31.

Five up-and-coming tech start-ups, namely 'Tomyo' education platform, 'Onefit' mobile application, 'Digital credit' online credit market, 'Crowd asset', Mongolia’s first crowdfunding platform and 'Odo shop' online trading application pitched to represent Mongolia at the Regional Stage of the competition. Out of them, Tomyo educational technology platform won first place and qualified for the Regional Stage of the largest start-up competition in emerging markets. 'Crowd asset', Mongolia’s first crowdfunding platform took second place while “Odo shop” online trading application won third place. The competition aims to help start-up businesses network with investors, learn from best startup practices, receive advice and financial support, and further to give a positive impact on the economies of developing countries. The introduction and exhibition of selected start-ups and investors' networking event took place during the competition. Members of the Parliament D.Tsogtbaatar and G.Amartuvshin took part in the event and shared their comments and experiences.'SMS Investors Club' was also launched at the event, allowing over 20 investors to get familiar with activities of the selected start-ups.

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