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Broadcast 15,16-01-2021

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Attention to be focused on border areas to prevent COVID-19

Densmaa 2020-11-10 12:11

Attention to be focused on border areas to prevent COVID-19

Minister of Health T.Munkhsaikhan, WHO Representative in Mongolia Sergey Diorditsa, and other corresponding officials worked in Selenge provinces with aims of improving hospital aid and services in a rural area, enhancing infection protection and working environment of physicians and hospital staff in a time of COVID-19 pandemic and resolving pressing issues in Altanbulag border checkpoint. During their working trip to the province, an extended meeting of the Emergency Commission of the province was held in Altanbulag border crossing port in Selenge province. At the extended meeting, Minister T.Munkhsaikhan underlined that the Russian side has sent a third-grade mobile laboratory to Mongolia with non-refundable aid and it was handed over to the National Center for Zoonotic Diseases today. The fully equipped vehicle laboratory will operate in Altanbulag border checkpoint, providing the possibility to conduct surveillance and research in remote neighboring border crossing ports. "The second wave of the pandemic has started globally and the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has been increasing in our neighbor settlement areas including Kyakhta and Naushki of the Russian Federation. Therefore, it is necessary to focus attention on our specialists working in the infection zone and over 5000 households living near the border and prevent and protect them from potential risk. We are working in the province to provide support on improving the supply of protective gear and items and ensuring the condition to promptly conduct sample tests in Selenge province and receive test results. In addition, it was decided to send a proposal to the State Emergency Commission (SEC) on closing Altanbulag border checkpoint for a temporary period. The decision of the SEC will be finally resolved at the Cabinet meeting to be convened on Wednesday, November 11. 

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