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Broadcast 18-01-2021

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Mongolia and China to pay attention on bilateral trade

Densmaa 2020-12-17 02:12

Foreign Affairs Minister N.Enkhtaivan held a phone conversation with his Chinese counterpart Wang-Yi on December 15.

The Foreign Ministers expressed their satisfaction with actively developing Mongolia-China Comprehensive Strategic Partnership relations even in the difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic and realizing high-level visits and meetings of cooperation mechanisms.


Further, the sides affirmed to deepen cooperation in the prevention of the coronavirus infection and increase information exchange on treatment and diagnosis for strengthening the achievement of zero transmission of COVID-19 infection between the two countries.


Also the Foreign Ministers stressed that intensifying trade and economic cooperation alongside still attaching high significance as before to works for preventing the outbreak of the infectious disease is of great significance to overcome the pandemic. Furthermore, the two Ministers voiced to increase bilateral information exchange and work coherently in directions of making operations of border crossing ports of the two countries normal, promoting trade and economic cooperation, especially, running mining product trade sustainably and removing encountering barriers in the trade of non-mining products due to the pandemic. 

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