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Broadcast 26,27-02-2021

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First certificate of origin within Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement presented

Densmaa 2021-01-20 11:01

In the framework of the the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, the first certificate of origin has been presented to rapeseed of ‘Sumbercommoditiz’ Co.Ltd for export to China.

Through the certificate, they are able to receive a full discount on duty fees, whereas they were subject to 6 percent duty before.


Mongolia has joined the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement, becoming the 7th official member country. By joining the agreement, it becomes possible for domestic manufacturers to export a total of 10,667 types of products to the other six member countries, with a 5-100 percent discount in taxes.

The trade agreement was initially established between developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region (India, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Bangladesh), with China joining the agreement in 2001. With Mongolia joining the agreement, it is expected that a more favorable environment will be created for investment as domestic entities will be connected to the global and regional supply network. 


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