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Broadcast 16,17-04-2021

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Deputy Foreign Minister addresses about regional cooperation at 17th ACD Ministerial Meeting

Densmaa 2021-01-25 12:01

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs B. Munkhjin attended the 17th Ministerial Meeting of Asia Cooperation Dialogue virtually held on January 21.

Foreign ministers, deputy ministers, and state secretaries of 35 ACD member countries partook in the virtual meeting and exchanged views on pressing issues in international relations, COVID-19 response measures, and further cooperation.

At the meeting, Deputy Minister B. Munkhjin introduced the response measures being taken by the Mongolian government against the COVID-19 and expressed commitment to co-work closely with the member countries in the mitigation of the socioeconomic impact of the pandemic, vaccination as well as the expansion of cooperation in harmony with the new post-pandemic world life.


The 17th ACD Ministerial Meeting was chaired by Turkey.

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