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Broadcast 24,25-09-2021

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Education Ministry to cooperate with UN FAO on school food production

Densmaa 2021-04-05 01:04

On April 1, Minister for Education and Science L.Enkh-Amgalan received Vinod Ahuja, The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Representative in Mongolia.

During the meeting, both parties exchanged views on specific topics such as school food production, educational content on food nutrition, and the environment for secondary school children. Currently, there are 368,000 students in grades 1-5 nationwide, who will directly benefit from the implementation of the Lunch program this coming September.  The Minister emphasized the need to develop infrastructure, human resources, and recipes to fully implement the program. 


Along with partners, FAO, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, Ministry of Education will collaboratively pursue the “Milk Everyday” project to increase the consumption of milk and dairy products by primary school students. This will have a social impact on the local value chain, economic growth, and public health. 


Vinod Ahuja, FAO Representative in Mongolia expressed his full support and cooperation. He also provided valuable feedback on the equipment, laboratories, and product procurement needed to implement the program on the ground.


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