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Broadcast 01-12-2021

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Asia Pharma LLC joins ‘Blue Ribbon’ program

Densmaa 2021-10-15 04:10

The EBRD welcomed Asia Pharma LLC to the ‘Blue Ribbon’ program.

The EBRD welcomed Asia Pharma LLC to the ‘Blue Ribbon’ program. With their entry into the program, Asia Pharma LLC became the 59th company to join the Blue Ribbon globally and 4th from Mongolia. The aim of the ‘Blue Ribbon’ program is to enhance and improve a member company’s corporate governance, financial and structural management, thus providing support in achieving their strategic goals. With the Blue Ribbon signing, Asia Pharma plans to redefine its strategic target, host international advisory projects to facilitate latest industrial best practices and receive additional funding. The EBRD and the EU supports and implements numerous projects in Mongolian as per its mission to develop local business sectors. As a part of this wide-ranging mission, for the next 5 years, the Blue Ribbon program will have three phases in its implementation.

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