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Broadcast 30-11-2022

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Female politicians call for unity, support and cooperation

Densmaa 2022-11-08 04:11

The Women’s Leadership Network organized the Women’s Political Leadership Forum under the theme “Intensify the Movement”

The Women’s Leadership Network organized the Women’s Political Leadership Forum under the theme “Intensify the Movement” to find a solution to this problem and listen to the opinions of women politicians. More than 60 percent of the 120 participants of the forum were locals. They shared their cooperation initiatives, experiences and obstacles, as well as expressed their views on what and how they should focus on intensifying their movement in the future. Several discussions were held within the framework of the forum. In particular, during the discussion on strategy for intensifying the movement and directions of cooperation, representatives of political parties in Parliament, the National Committee on Gender Equality and civil society organizations presented their activities aimed to increase the political participation of women and discussed solutions and opportunities for cooperation. They also exchanged opinions on challenges and opportunities for strengthening collective leadership during the discussion on initiatives and successes of collective leadership in rural areas. All stakeholders concluded that divisions and partisanship within parties, lack of diversity in women’s participation and misconceptions about politics and political parties are barriers to increasing women’s political participation. They pointed out that the women’s leadership network has become a cross-party space and a great opportunity for women to work together regardless of party affiliation. Women politicians and leaders can learn from and support each other while sharing good experiences, the participants mentioned.  During the discussion on lessons of the movement for women’s political rights in Mongolia, political and civil society leaders reviewed projects and measures taken to balance political power and increase women’s participation at the decision-making level and how women need to support each other in the future.

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