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Broadcast 03-12-2023

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Eco-Friendly Ice Festival to take place

Densmaa 2023-01-06 04:01

The 9th “Silver Reed Cluster” ice festival is going to be organized on January 21-22, in Khovd province.

The 9th “Silver Reed Cluster” ice festival is going to be organized on January 21-22, in Khovd province. It is organized to promote Mongolia internationally, revive winter tourism, and develop winter sports. It is possible to watch and take pictures of endangered birds, including the dalmatian pelican, white-headed duck, and relict gull, and other common birds, such as gulls, ducks, and gooses in Khar-Us National Park of the province. In recent years, bird watching tour has become a specific tour offer for this region. Moreover, “The Silver Reed Cluster” ice festival allows people to enjoy the unique culture and historical tangible and intangible heritage of 13 ethnic groups. In the winter, 10 thousand domestic and foreign tourists come to take part in the ice festival, especially to visit this park which is located in Khovd province. The number of participants in the ice festival reveals that the “Silver Reed Cluster” ice festival has already become a popular attraction for tourists. Interestingly, an ordinary gathering of herders to celebrate their success and efforts in protecting endangered dalmatian pelicans, with the motto of “Love wild nature and animals”, became the start of this “Silver Reed Cluster” ice festival. Since 2009, the ice festival has been organized once every two years. Additionally, the government of Mongolia has announced 2023-2025 as “The Years to visit Mongolia”. In this regard, the professional organizations of the tourism industry developed a calendar for international events to be organized in Mongolia this year. In total, 22 events, aimed at promoting Mongolia internationally, reviving the tourism sector, improving the economy, and increasing investment are included in this calendar.

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