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Broadcast 27-09-2022

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Mongolia scheduled charter flight to India next week.

Densmaa 2020-05-11 12:05

On May 8, Deputy Prime Minister met with Ambassador of the Republic of India to Mongolia.

The sides discussed the State Emergency Commission’s recent decision to conduct a charter flight to India to bring Mongolian citizens home. So far, around 480 Mongolian citizens in India have submitted their requests to return home, of which 21 have medical conditions, 164 are students, 260 are children under 18 years of age, and the remaining 44 people have other excuses. At the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister said As Mongolians in India are in several parts of the country, State Emergency Commission’s operative team, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Mongolian Embassy in India are working to find out in which city our citizens are staying in a large number and where the flight should be operated to. The State Emergency Commission’s operative team has been ordered to decide on a date for the next week's charter flight this weekend. He then asked the Ambassador to look into the possibility of screening the charter flight passengers for coronavirus. Ambassador expressed his pleasure to see the World Health Organization commend Mongolia for its Covid-19 efforts and fully supported Mongolia’s decision to evacuate its citizens while informing that India has put around one billion people into quarantine in 41 days. Incidentally, more than 200 Indian nationals are currently living and working in Mongolia.

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